The scarcest commodity

Jeff Bezos, who went on top of the wealthiest people list a couple of weeks ago with ~98 billion dollars, said in 1997:

‘In late 20th century the scarcest commodity is attention. One way to get into the sight is do smth really innovative that brings actual value to customer. As a corollary newspapers will write about what you’re doing, customers will tell another customers, you’ll get a huge word-of-mouth fanout‘.

So, one of the ways for your project to go viral (when each new customer brings in at least another one) has two aspects:

  1. it should be innovative and, thus, can be interesting enough to get coverage of mass media
  2. it should bring real value to customer (maybe even exceeding expectations) to ‘conceive’ spreading word-of-mouth recommendations

But keep in mind that virality does not last long. To increase customer lifetime value, you also should think about retaining newcomers for subsequent purchases.

BizBridge Talks, ep.1: Alex Sherbachev,

As an interviewer I am not Larry King at all, my English is far from being flawless, and sound from guest’s microphone turned out to be somehow corrupted, but I regulated sound level at quiet sections manually, so would you please welcome – the first episode of BizBridge Talks with Alex Sherbachev, the CEO of US-based (well, Manhattan-based, to be more precise) project – I’ve been planning to start this kind of interviews since the closure of my series of interviews with Rostov entrepreneurs “Vasha Nisha” (‘Your niche’) in the April of 2014.
Special thanks to Alex, who kindly agreed to participate in this experiment, and Dmitriy Agapov from The Unites Regional Center for Innovations Development in Rostov Region (, who negotiated the usage of Center’s space for filming purposes.
If you’re entrepreneur with English as your mother tongue or you have business in English-speaking country and speak it as well, contact me by email susolkin[at] to become the next guest of BizBridge Talks via skype. You can also support the project by donating via forms below the video